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January 26 , 2011 11:26 PM
Two years ago we decided to teach our Digital Photography Workshop here in Roanoke Texas and by far it has been one of the most rewarding experiences
My wife has been my partner, my student, my assistant and my Creative Director (just donít let her know or she will ask for a raise)
During those workshops people have asked all kinds of questions. I have been asked who has been the most influencing Photographer or who my Ďidolí is or who I aspire to. Some of them have been surprised when I donít mention a Celebrity Photographer or a famous name like Ansel Adams. I just tell them that there is an Editorial Photographer in San Francisco that I just call "JĒ. J has inspired me to rise off the couch and improve. He has also been my hardest critic. Thanks J
However, the most important aspect of teaching Digital Photography Workshops is meeting new people every month. This post dedicated to those fellow Photogs and the following slideshows showcase some of the Students actual assignment shots
These images are not mine. They were shot by students while attending the Digital Photography Workshops
They were selected at random from all the images from all the Workshops
If you attended one of the workshops and don't want your images on the slide show, let me know and I will remove them

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